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Olive Oxygen concentrator

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Olive Oxygen Concentrator Details:
Maximum recommended flow = 3L/Min- 5L/Min – 8L/Min- 10L/Min
Oxygen Concentratiion = 93%±3%
Power Supply = 220V±22V±,50Hz±1Hz/110v±15v,60Hz±1Hz
Output pressure = 20Kpa-60Kpa
Input Power = 210W 330W 480W 550W
Net weight = 12kg 15 kg 18kg 20kg
Dimention = (MM)= 344 X 306 X 565 mm
LCD display:present working time, total working time,
presetting time, flowrate data, purity data
Optional config. Nebulization function
Manufacturer: Hefei Kangjuren Intelligence Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
Service warranty 2 Years Support Only Dhaka


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