Family Nursing Services

Family Nursing Services


Many hospitals are providing home nursing service in Bangladesh. Registered nurses assist the patient in daily activities as well as facilitate medical care.

Home nursing service includes any professional service rendered by registered nurses at home. Anyone who needs extensive care at home can employ professional nurse home care services.

Often home care services include monitoring and treatments, daily custodial care, social and recreational activities.


Home nursing services in Bangladesh have emerged from the current fast-paced lifestyle changes. Having someone reliable to take care of our loved ones can hugely relief stress. That is why Nursing care Bangladesh has brought quality home care solution.

Here are some of the benefits of nursing home support in Bangladesh

Less expensive option
Some patients require critical care for an extended time. Hospitals are, as we know, expensive and can cost an arm and a leg to pay bills. Home nursing care is a cost-effective solution at the same time, maintaining professional standards.

Home nursing services match not only hospital-like care but also provide customized and individualized care solution. One to one relationship between the client and the nurse can build a strong bonding. 

The nurse can take care of specific requirements of the clients which are not possible in hospitals. Personalised service caters to the needs of the patient. It can be a unique experience.

Daily activities support
Many patients need home nursing support and assistance in performing basic tasks such as bathing, eating, grooming. Home Nurses not only assist in personal care but also help in other household chores like cleaning, laundry, dishes, etc.

Diets and nutrition

Nursing home support sometimes includes nutritious home-cooked meals to maintain the health of the patients. So you never have to worry about your beloved family member as the skilled nurse is there to take care of.

Uplifting homely environment
Another significant benefit of home care services is that being at home and the familiar surrounding patient will be affected will help the patient to recover fast. Being with loved ones can drastically improve the mental wellness of the patient.

Lesser risk of infections
Post-surgical patients are prone to infection. Hospitals are conducive to infection exposure from other patients. Home care is undoubtedly the best choice available. It can promote faster recovery and healing.

Medication Management
Having multiple medicines and prescriptions can be confusing to the patient and family. Nurses are skilled and adept at medicine schedule and dosage. Having a nurse at home can save the patient from overdosing and taking the wrong medication,


It’s important to note that different patients need different amenities and services based on their conditions. Some might need full-time nursing assistance, while others might need nursing assistance for various purposes. Here is a list of general nursing home service in Dhaka given below

  • Palliative care and treatment
  • Rehabilitation therapy
  • Post-operation and surgery services
  • Acute care treatment
  • Wound care 
  • Pain management
  • Medical and social counselling
  • Dialysis treatment
  • Nutritional therapy
  • Day to day chores
  • Monitoring medications

When Do You Need Us?

Are you thinking about hiring an in-home nurse for your loved ones?

It’s so necessary to look after our elderly parent or someone who needs intensive care constantly. However, it is not always possible for us as we have our jobs. Employing a caretaker is not a reliable option too. They can make a mistake at any given time. 
It’s time to acknowledge our limitations, then only you can come up with an effective solution.

Nursing care was founded to aid the patients in need with professional care. We have got registered nurses who are qualified to provide support and assistance to the patients in need.

Having an in-home nurse not only can improve the healthy life but also accompany the patients. He/She will always be around to talk or help in daily functioning.

You can choose the time when the nurse should come over. You can determine whether you need a daily service or just a couple of times a week.


With 55 female nurses and 75 male nurses, we are concerned with providing compassionate care services to every patient in Bangladesh. We have nursed for specialized fields such as dementia, palliative care, Alzheimer’s, depression, cancer and many others.